Monday, June 07, 2010

I feel disgusted

Last week's incident involving the flotila of boats trying to break into Gaza is continuing to dominate the news in Israel and around the world, and I really am shocked and disgusted at how the outside world appears to be viewing these actions. Israel is a very vibrant democracy and as a people we have many different views on most issues but the support for the army's actions has been virtually unanimous and shocked at how the world has viewed these actions.

I can understand the general view of the majority activists and citizens around the world who I genuninely want to help the people of Gaza but sadly are not aware of the full picture. Are they aware though that the reason Israel and Egypt have the blockade of Gaza in place is because Hamas undemocratically overthrew the Palestinian Authority that was previously ruling in Gaza after Israel withdrew from the territory in 2005.

Israel has continuously been told that the Palestinians will agree to peace with Israel if we withdraw from their territory, but are you aware that since 2005, Hamas and their supporters have been constantly firing thousands of rockets into Israeli towns to try and kill as many Israelis as possible. There have been more rockets again this week. This is another reason why Israel is not letting in material to Gaza that Hamas can be used to make rockets.

The third reason that Israel is maintaining its blockade is because for over three years Hamas has been holding captive the Israel solider Gilad Shalit, who they kidnapped from Israeli territory. Since then no one has been allowed to meet with Gilad Shalit, not even the Red Cross.

So I can understand that if you do not know about these issues you would want to let aid into Gaza. Something which Israel is constantly doing by sending food and aid into Gaza, so the people are not starving.

Sadly though there were at least 50 people on one of the boats that were not interested in peaceful measures but wanted to attack Israel. On their journey they even recorded measures saying they wanted to die as martyrs in a fight with Israel, and told Israeli soldiers to go back to Aushwitz. These terrorist supporters were only interested in killing as many Israelis as possible which they tried to do.

The Israeli soldiers therefore had to defend themselves and that is why the world seems to be so critical. This is because unlike in previous centuries where Jews who were attacked were unable to defend themselves. The Jewish State of Israel now has an army that knows how to defend itself and that is what the world does not like.

That is why there is all this critism of Israel for defending itself, while there was no critisms of actions in Thiland, Chechnya, Sudan, the Congo and yes even by European troops in Afganistan. That is why I am disgusted because the world does not care about armies defending their citizens unless it is Israel, and I really don't know why that is.


cooljoe90 said...

I am shocked that you can take this view.

The blockade of Gaza is collective punishment.

Israel had no right to board ships in international waters, even if you accept a right to search for smuggled arms.

The only way to ensure security for Israel is
1. To make peace; and
2. To allow the Palestinians to be a functioning state.

There is great pain and grief on both sides; everyone recognises that. The same is true in Northern Ireland and South Africa. Peace is a difficult enterprise, a journey which requires courage and leadership on both sides.

One would hope that supporters in the UK could show some of that leadership and not try to defend the indefensible (such as shooting in cold blood peace activists who were unarmed, but allegedly tried to defend themselves with whatever was to hand). A trained soldier with a gun against a civilian with a stick is not self-defence. It is not, and can never be, reasonable force in my opinion.

Richard Weider said...

Yes it is collective punishment thats what happens when you are fighting a war and yes there are peace negotiations with the Palestinians but Hamas refuses to negotiate with Israel as it believes we should not exist.

Regarding the attack, the soldiers only opened fire once they had been shot at themselves and had three soldiers severly injured with head injuries from gun shots and metal bars

Barnet Res said...

Richard you truly are the product of of a lousy Birminham University with "polytechnicc" standards

You simply fail in your attempt to justify the unjustifiable and cannot make the distinctions between vindictiveness or siege and punishment the analogy is Warsaw. If you can't see that, then it only endorses your ineptitude you showed as a former Barnet councillor, prior to your Israeli citizenship and Zionism. You remember reading about the King David massacre in 1946 and other acts before then, by your people that later became the template for terrorists globally.

It is European Jewish survivors and emigrés that modernised Israel whom, should have learnt from their history. You as a European can understand what I'm saying here.

To quote another gentile Barnet Resident living in the Jewish ghetto of Golders Green, " It's sad that indigeneous Semite taunt fellow Semite with their Abrahamic/Ibrahimic flawed rightousness and carry out such unjustifiable bloodletting. Northern ireland showed how to different sects could establish a way, because there was a will.

I'm quite disgusted that you should be stupid enough never to have seen the criticism of Sudan, Congo,and Burma while, Thailand and Chechnya are internal matters. More disgusting that you raise the matter of British/Europeaan troops in Afghanistan. A current Conservative Prime Minister endorsed the invasion of Afghanistan,an Afghanistan that did not invade Britain. Unlike the Spanish Prime Minister, I don't see your Conservative Cameron bringing the troops home to your motherland that you rejected.

Grow up Richard. If you can't understand the global crticism, how on earth did you get a degree, 3rd no doubt?

Anonymous said...

Try living in Gaza yourself for a time and then let me know what you think. We all desire a safe place to raise our children, feed our families and work to add beauty and peace to the World. Forcing mostly poor children to dwell in this pitiful way will not help Palestinians or Israelis. When you remove home, food and work from the equation, you are not helping anyone.

joven said...

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joven said...

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joven said...

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Nancy said...

I think you meant "criticism" when you typed "critism".
I liked your viewpoint. Keep blogging!!

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News