Monday, June 15, 2009

Believe in ourselves

Last Shabbat we read the Sedra of Shelach Lecha (this coming week outside of Israel), which tells us about how the leaders of the Jewish people went to view the Land of Israel, as the Jewish people were preparing to enter the land from the desert, as G-d had promised them.

However, we read how 10 of the leaders told the Jewish people, how it was too dangerous for them to live in the Land of Israel, which the Jewish people agreed with. Our Rabbi's tell us how the Jewish people consintued to have a slave mentality , as they had only been freed from their lives as slaves just over a year preiously. They were therefore unable to believe that they could successfully defeat the incumbent residents of the land and rule themselves.

Last week I went on a tiyul (tour) in which I saw some of the sites along Road 1, where the battles took place to safeguard Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, during the War of Indepence between 1947 and 1949. I learnt of how in many of the battles, Israel's soldiers were Holocaust survivors of only three years previously. Despite this though, they were strong enough and had the belief that they could help to defend Israel, so that they were able to live in the Jewish State of Israel.

During the Tiyul, I was able to see how in modern times, our heroes who help to protect the land of Israel, have been able to overcome the difficulties that many Biblical Leaders were scared to accept, and thanks to these modern day heroes, our soldiers, we are able to safely live in the Land of Israel.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Don't let them stop people travelling

The last few days have seen two international cities disrupted by groups trying to stop the public from using transport systems and I condemn both groups.

On Shabbat, so called religious Jews from Mea Shearim tried to block the opening of a car park near the Old City of Jerusalem. The City Municipality wanted to open this car park, so that many non-Jewish tourists to Jerusalem would easily be able to access the Old City on Shabbat, when other car parks are shut. This car park was free and was operated by non-Jewish workers so that Shabbat law would not be broken. And yet, the so called religious Jews decided to riot to stop visitors to Jerusalem from being able to use this car park and even attacked policeman, therefore breaking Shabbat themselves. This group should learn their lesson and make it easier for tourists to visit Jerusalem.

Today and tomorrow in London, workers on the London Underground are holding what appears to be their annual strike, despite being some of the highest paid public sector workers in London. They are therefore also disrupting people from geting to work or allowing people to travel around London for leisure purposes, thus causing further disruption to the economy when London is trying to recover from a recession. Its about time they were banned from striking.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Dear Angry Labour Supporter

In my post below, an anonymous person has left a rather angry comment, who from his rant is I suspect a Labour supporter. Here is my response below.

Dear Anonymous

You sound very angry, maybe you should relax.

Let me answer your points one by one.

Although I have moved to Israel, I am still also a UK citizen and care for the future of my former home town, particularly as my family still live in Edgware. Maybe if the Labout Party felt the same, they would call a General Election straight away so that the country can rid itself of the useless Gordon Brown.

As a Councillor I was always very concerned to ensure that Edgware was as good as possible, as I wanted to live in a nice town, and I hope many people agree that the Conservative Councillors and the Administration did a good job to achieve this. I am sure Councillors Hart and Scannell also felt the same way as me, and I hope Darrel will be the same, as he is also an Edgware resident.

I resigned as a Councillor when I moved to Israel, up until that time I continued to work hard to represent Edgware's residents. Given that Burnt Oak residents often also came to me for help, I probably also did more than the Labour Burnt Oak Councillors.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Edgware and Totteridge - Excellent Conservative Results

In addition to the European elections, there were two bye-elections in Barnet yesterday in Edgware and Totteridge

A few local campaigners have been arguing that the Conservative run Barnet Council was doing a bad job, and were not popular with the local public.

However, the results, with both Conservaive Candidates getting over 50% of the vote shows that the people of Barnet want to elect a Conservative Government as soon as possible but also have confidence in the Conservative Council.

It also shows that when the country get rid of Gordon Brown, Hendon will also throw out Andrew Dismore and replace him with the Conservative Candidate Matthew Offord.

I would like to congratulate Darrel Yawitch and Alison Cornelius on becoming new councillors. I hope with the current concerns about politicians in the UK they are able to live up to their principles and beliefs and help to make Barnet a better place.

I also think based on number of votes received, Darrel is the most popular Councillor in Barnet, happy to be corrected if I am wrong. I am sure as he replaces me, Edgware will continue to have another excellent Councillor alongside Helena Hart and Joan Scannell.

Obama Calls for Peace in the Middle East

In years past, yesterday I would have been working hard campaigning in London on election day, instead I had the change to hear Obama's speach on his views between the West and the Middle East.

Over the past couple of weeks Obama has been making a number of difficult requirments for Israel, which I have been critical of, but yesterday I thought Obama made a good speech even though I disagreed with much of it.

What I think is clear is that Obama wants to create peace between Islam and the West and between the Arabs and Israel. These are worthy aims but I am not sure whether he can achieve them.

The West and Israel do want to live in peace with the Arab and Islamic world but I believe they will struggle to find partners for peace. Obama has already started to make concessions with his greater tolerance of Iran (the most dangerous country in the world) as they get closer to having nuclear weapons. Israel, in my view will also be willing to make concessions on its settlement of the West Bank and a Palestinian State, (as it has done time and time again) even if many Israeli's disagree with these concessions.

However, the Arab's are looking to wipe Israel off the map, and Islam as described by Bin Ladin yesterday, said they are willing to embark on a long war for Islamic domination of the world. These are enemies that are not going to accept peace. That is why even if Obama calls on them to accept the histroy of the Jewish people, including the Holocaust and its right to a homeland in Israel, not even he can persaude them to accept a peaceful outcome.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Israel is not giving into Obama

President Obama's administration appears to be continuing with its statements that the future of Middle East Peace is reliant on Israel stopping all construction of settlement activity in the West Bank.

The American Government wants Israel to not allow any new house extensions or new buidlings in existing towns in the West Bank (which makes up almost 10% of Israel's population). However, in his meeting last week with the Palestinian leader Abbas, President Obama hardly requested anything of the Palestinians, despite them continually being the party that opposes peace treaties.

However, I am pleased to say that Netenyahu and his whole Government continue to support the continuation of settlements in the historic Jewish homeland, while rightly trying to stop outposts with legal planning.

This week President Obama is likely to set out his broad plans for how to achieve in the Middle East, when he visits Egypt. I hope the other Barak, Israel's Defence Minister, can talk some sense into the Americans during his vist this week, before the President makes his major speech.