Friday, June 05, 2009

Edgware and Totteridge - Excellent Conservative Results

In addition to the European elections, there were two bye-elections in Barnet yesterday in Edgware and Totteridge

A few local campaigners have been arguing that the Conservative run Barnet Council was doing a bad job, and were not popular with the local public.

However, the results, with both Conservaive Candidates getting over 50% of the vote shows that the people of Barnet want to elect a Conservative Government as soon as possible but also have confidence in the Conservative Council.

It also shows that when the country get rid of Gordon Brown, Hendon will also throw out Andrew Dismore and replace him with the Conservative Candidate Matthew Offord.

I would like to congratulate Darrel Yawitch and Alison Cornelius on becoming new councillors. I hope with the current concerns about politicians in the UK they are able to live up to their principles and beliefs and help to make Barnet a better place.

I also think based on number of votes received, Darrel is the most popular Councillor in Barnet, happy to be corrected if I am wrong. I am sure as he replaces me, Edgware will continue to have another excellent Councillor alongside Helena Hart and Joan Scannell.

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Anonymous said...

Firstly living in Modin, events in Edgware should not be of any interest to you any longer.

Secondly, the councillors of the Edgware ward are useless and are only interested in themselves and not the area - just like you were.You should have resigned when you made your arrangements with Nefesh b Nefesh and not waited until the last minute. You have no ethics