Friday, November 21, 2008

Do you have a question for me to ask?

On Tuesday I will be attending the Council's Environment and Transport Scrutiny Committee.

The agenda can be seen here

and includes items of discussion on:

- the Council's Performance Indicators
- a review of the Council's street cleaning service
- a report on tree protection in Barnet

To give the public a chance to have a question answered, I am happy to consider asking any questions on the agenda, that are posted in my comments section.

So over to you!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Life for Edgware's Railway Pub

This week at the Planning Committee I was pleased to support the planning application, which gave permission to convert the Railway Pub in Edgware into a new hotel.

This 1930's listed building which opened as a pub at the same time as the tube station opened, has become a landmark for Edgware. However, in recent years the building has been empty as the pub shut down a number of years ago. I am therefore pleased that the pub will soon reopen together with the hotel and will be improved so that it continues to be an important building in Edgware.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boris or Barkat who is the better Mayor?

Last night Nir Barkat was elected as the new Mayor of Jerusalem, following Boris' election as London Mayor 6 months ago, I now have my preferred choices as the Mayors of my two favourite capital cities.

In his first 6 months as Mayor of London, Boris has done an excellent job in developing new and exciting strategies to reduce youth crime and knife crime in London, developing a better transport strategy for London, and finding plenty of ways to reduce the cost of running London, so that the London charge of the Council Tax will not rise next year.

I hope Boris continues in this excellent way and that Nir Barkat is also as good in improving the living and economic coniditions in Jerusalem. This will ensure that these two cities can rightfully be seen as the two best cities in the world.