Monday, August 28, 2006

End of Summer

With it being the August Bank Holiday, I hope I am not being too pesimistic by suggesting that the summer might be over. Hopefully, the weather will stay warm, but from this week the Councill gets busy again.

People often complain that MP's have too long a holiday. As a Councillor I can say I definitely needed the break after a hard working year , but maybe MPs holidays could be shorter and they could come back to work in September like the rest of us.

Tomorrow afternoon I and my colleagues have our monthly surgery at Edgware Library between 5:30 and 6:30. Come along if u want.

Wednesday is the Planning and Environment meeting,the seems to be lots of the agenda so it could be a long evening. The Sternberg TREES are back on the agenda which should be another interesting discussion, whats more important a new centre or ten trees? We will have to decide.
If you are interested you can see the agenda here Planning Meeting

Then on Thursday I am chairing a working group as part of the Education Scrutiny Committee, where we will be looking at how we can improve the level of science in Barnet's schools.

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