Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Helping to Free the 3 Israeli Hostages

Last night with about 2000 other people, many of whom were from Edgware and Barnet, I attended a rally outside the Syrian embassy calling for three Israeli soldiers to be released from being held hostage.

These three soldiers are:
Gilad Shalit who is being held in the Palestinian Territories
Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev who are being held hostage after being captured from sovereign Israeli territory by Hizbollah

These 3 soldiers were all captured a year ago, which was one of the causes of the Israeli war with Hizbollah. However, one year on despite the UN Resolution which ended the war calling for these soldiers to be released we are still waiting for their return.

However, let us hope that just a few weeks after we heard the good news that the BBC reporter Alan Johnson had been released from also being held hostage in the Gaza strip, these 3 soldiers and all other hostages around the world can also be released.

One thing really struck me though when I was at the rally last night with 2000 other people and also about the rally's to free Alan Johnson. Why are people that attend these rally's able to protest peacefully. However, when ever we see protests by Moslem organisations, usually against our and other democratic governments, we see the people attending calling for people to be killed and flags being burnt. Therefore, while these more aggressive and violent protests may gain more media attention in the short term, it shows that they find it harder to justify their argument peacefully, and so I am sure in the long term it means they wont be able to win the argument.

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