Thursday, April 17, 2008

Help defeat the BNP in Hale

In two weeks time on 1 May (the same day as the London elections) there will be a by election in Hale ward in Barnet.

Hale is the ward I use to live in and has a large Jewish population. It has therefore come as no surprise to me that the BNP a nasty fascist party, has continued its recent policy of targeting areas with large Jewish and ethnic communities.

The BNP exist because they want to drive out people, which they don’t consider ‘normal people’ from this country.

There is only one way in which the BNP can be defeated. That is by showing that the overwhelming majority of people disagree and hate their views, by coming out to vote for other political parties on 1 May.

I believe that the best way to do this is to vote for Tom Davey, the Conservative candidate in Hale ward. Tom, together with the Conservative Party, continues to support the Jewish community and it’s schools in Barnet, as excellent examples of community cohesion.

This is in contrast to the Labour Party, who led by Ed Balls the Secretary of State for Education, (and who has been supported by the local Labour Councillors) has been mischievously attacking the approach Jewish schools take. I don’t need to tell you what Ken Livingstone thinks of the Jewish community.

Therefore, on 1 May I urge you to show the BNP and Labour (including Ken) what you think of them, by voting Conservative.

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Dave said...

The reason the BNP is doing well ( a party I seriously dislike) is because there seems to be no middle ground for people who see the face of areas change over night, such as Edgware. Edgware is being flooded with immigrants who are Somalian, African, Iraqi, Pakistanis, Eastern European and Tamils. Whilst Edgware could cope with a small number of immigrants, the numbers at the moment are just too big. This stops community cohesion and destroys the concept of the common good.

We need the Labour, Tory and Liberal democrats, to be more honest about immigration is ruining Britain and also how it needs to be controlled.