Monday, October 06, 2008

Response to Don't call me Dave

A commentor on my previous post about the Council's new website has asked me some questions about one of the postings which was made on the site, which he has said was rude to Jewish people.

I condemn all forms of attacks on Jewish people, whether they be verbal or physical and if anyone experiences this I urge them to report it to the police or the CST

I am though not able to comment on whether the posting was anti-semitic, as the Council took the posting off before I had a chance to view it, and has referred the comment to the Borough Police Commander. I believe this is the correct action.

What I do know is that sadly a number of residents in the borough are racist and anti-semitic, but I am glad that these appear to be a tiny minority of the population. However, if this comment or other actions do appear to be anti-semitic they should be punished in accordance with the law.

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You have not answered any of my questions. Please do so.