Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are spending and tax cuts on the way in Barnet?

Barnet Council are tonight approving the Mayor and Executive for the upcoming year.

Much of the local news and blog coverage has concentrated on Councillor Brian Coleman becoming Mayor and Councillor Lynne Hillan becoming the Deputy Leader and Resources Member.

What I find more interesting is that Councillors Robert Rams and Dan Thomas are joining Councillor Richard Cornelius on the Executive. These three Councillors who were part of the 2006 in-take have continually spoken about the importance of cutting spending and council tax.

I hope now that they are in the Executive they will use their power to deliver Conservative principles by cutting public spending and so Council Tax. This also means that they need to find cuts and efficiencies in their own portfolios.


Anonymous said...

From your lips to the Almighty's ears! Alas, once in the Cabinet and cocooned by the Officers they are sent TO Cabinet to get MORE money for their service and fight cuts.

If they volunteer savings they'll be asked for EVEN more.

It's wrong, it sucks and it must change. But that is how it goes and I've seen it up close.

Richard Weider said...


Maybe its time all politicians started telling officers what the public want.

As the Permanent Secretary of the Department for Trnasport says, officers should think about the whole house, and not just their own wall when working on their policy.