Thursday, October 01, 2009

A great reason to make aliyah from Britain

Two Prime Ministers gave major speeches this week, who would you sooner be your leader?

Benjamin Netenyahu


Gordon Brown


Rog T said...

I think you need a none of the above option

Don't Call Me Dave said...

If the Irish vote "Yes" in their referendum today, you will need to add Tony Blair to the list as he will become our de facto leader.

Going off topic, could someone please explain to me why, if you vote “no” in a referendum you get given another chance to vote “yes”, but if you vote “yes” you don’t get another chance to vote “no”?

Anonymous said...

i am israeli that left my country of birth . i went to give to the world the true israel that in my case
isn't nice . that other people will know what is Israel and what can happen to them . you buy property in Israel and most of the property run by government agency . call menhal mkrkae israel . they tax to death . just to start to build the ask au 200.000$ a fter we won "lottery " and pay 12.000$
in place called mosav mazor my birth place.
israel is communist socialist country as (usa partly }. if you ask me Israel is country of thives and crock that tax are high .
they steal from everything .
when try to sell . we couldnt sell this land eventually the govement and the community stole at.
this is only one incident.