Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A chance for hope and change in Britain

I had some mixed feelings yesterday, watching the beginning of the British election campaign. If I had still been living in London I would have been helping lead the election campaign for Matthew Offord the Conservative candidate for Hendon.

While I am pleased not to be having to take part in the hard slog of delivering leaflets across the constiuency, I am missing not canvassing and thinking what residents real views are (often very different to how the media report it). Interestingly, canvassing and political campaigning does not seem to happen in Israel outside of elections. However, I am sure Matthew Offord's Conservative team in Hendon, will be upping their canvassing on top of what I am sure will be a number of deliveries of leaflets across Edgware, Hendon, Burnt Oak, Colindale and Mill Hill.

Watching yesterday's coverage showed me why the Conservative's will definitely win the election. My first rule of elections is that positive campaign's win elections. Yesterday, it was clear that David Cameron is going to promise the Conservative's will make positive changes to Britain. In contrast the Prime Minister Labour's Gordon Brown, was only warning about the damage of Britain's future from a change. If this pattern continues it will ensurely see David Cameron become the British Prime Minister in a month's time.

On the web at the time of writing, Matthew Offord again seems to be the only candidate happy to be campaigning. In contrast the Labour MP Andrew Dismore, one of the MPs who got in trouble for his expenses, seems to have given up the goast, with his website saying that he his no longer an MP. Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats in Hendon don't even seem to have a website. So it appears that on the 2nd day of the campaign, only the Conservative's Matthew Offord is really interesting in campaigning for a better future for the Hendon Consitutency.


Davieboy said...

I live in Hendon. I'm a naturally very right-wing Conservative who hates Brown, Hoon, Harman, Balls etc. and what they've done for our country.
Having said that, it is still going to be hard to vote against Andrew dismore who is a very good constituency MP. Above all, he's the best friend Israel have got in the UK Parliament. He has always supported Israel, often standing alone. He has often travelled to Israel and has organised meetings with influential MPs so that Israels supporters could air their views. He has always attended pro-Israel rallies.
I therefore find your piece a bit galling as you, an obvious Israel-lover, don't give the man the credit he deserves. Yes he was caught out in the expenses scandal, but most of the thieves at Westminster were; his claims were far from the worst.
I hope that Matthew Offord if elected shows the same level of support for Israel - he may talk the talk, but Dismore has actually walked the walk, for which I thank him, and so, as a new Israeli citizen, should you.
BTW Like you, my son went to JFS and then to B'Ham University, so I follow your posts with interest.

Richard Weider said...


I can assure you that Matthew will also be a very strong supporter of Israel.

Dismore may have been influential under a Labour Government,but with a future Conservative Government. Israel and the Jewish community needs Hendon to have a Conservative MP to ensure it is properly represented by a Conservative Government, another reason to support Matthew Offord.

Nancy said...

I like this post. I can relate with it. Keep writing!!!

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News

resident said...

Dismore hasn't 'given up the ghost'. When Parliament is dissolved, it is illegal to claim to be an MP. As of now, there are no MPs (although there are still Ministers).

Neither did he get 'in trouble' for his expenses. His website shows that he was given the all-clear by all Parliamentary authorities.

The Liberal Democrats in Hendon have a website at .

Finally, these are only 'positive' changes if you support them. The only 'changes' Offord has made recently was to not invite Labour MPs, including Dismore, who put forward the idea, to Barnet's Holocaust Memorial Day service, and to be 'told off' for breaching FOI rules.

Please, if you're going to write a blog supporting such a person, at least get your facts right- this coming from someone without membership of any party and having voted for none of the 3 in the past.