Friday, May 07, 2010

Election Results Part 2

A new day has dawned in Israel, but it is not yet clear wha the new day will bring in Britain.

As the results are coming in, it is increasingly clear that the Conservatives willbethe largest party but it is still unclear if they will have a majority. I congratulate my former colleague Jane Ellison the new MP for Battersea.

What is shocking though is how so many areas couldnt allow everyone who chose to vote. Britain ismeant to be a leading democracy.

6am - what is happening in Hendon?

6:12 the lib dems have again been all talk and lots of failure

6:35 - Pleased to see Jaqui Smith has gone, possibly the worst Home Secretary ever.

6:45 - It is too early for Conservative s to celebrate but according to BBC figures of seats in
Conservatives have 210 andy the others 213 so Conservatives are just under 50% at the moments and if they keep up the results could be just about able to have a majority in Parliament.

7:50 appaently maathew offord has just arrived at the hendon count he probably wanted a good sleep

8am - Labour twitterer says they are behind both in Finchley and Hendon


Barnet res said...

You still did not get the point. You still are as Un-Principled and no sense of loyalty or morality to the nation that raised you for free.Why you comment having emigrated to you new homeland and nation state. Thank God Gb have no conflict with Israel, we know which side you'd be bowling for.

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