Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why are the Palestinians again firing rockets at Israel?

I have just posted an excellent article about how the release of Gilad Shalit has brought about a rediscovered goodness in Israel showing that most Israeli's are united together for a successful and peaceful future led by Jewish thought - even for the less religious.

However, while Israel has been relieved at a peaceful outcome and the return of one it's young soldiers kidnapped for over five years, the Palestinian's have been declaring victory and celebrating the return from open prisons of their mass murdering terrorists.

While it is sad enough that the Palestinian's are celebrating the freedom of mass terrorists, it is even more frightening that they are again firing rockets into Israel.  These rockets which have caused injuries and mental illness in addition to death's must be stopped.  Let us hope now that international community have got their victory in Libya  can turn their attention to stopping the Palestinian terrorists and tell them that if they want a successful future the only way to succeed is through peace negotiations.  For now though I think sadly we will be seeing an upsurge in terrorism.

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