Sunday, July 02, 2006


I apologise for not writing an article and keeping you updated for the past month, but I have been busy getting use to life as a councillor.

So what does life as a councillor involve. There are really 2 main jobs. Firstly it is to take part in the committee meetings for which I am a member. The list of Committees which I am on are:

Full Council - This is the main decision body (basically the Parliament) of Barnet Council, which meets approximately every 6 weeks. (Please see a later message about my first Full Council on 27 June.

Planning and Environment Committee
Hendon Planning Sub-Committee
Hendon Environment Sub-Committee

These 3 committees make decisions on planning development applications, decisions for road works and how road facilities can be improved, refuse collection, parks and many other issues.

Education Scrutiny Committee - This committee reviews the standard of school and childcare facilities in Barnet. One of the issues I have particularly requested to discuss over the coming year is to see how our high quality schools can encourage the children in Barnet to take up science as they continue their education. If our industries in this country are going to develop and science is able to be continually taught well in schools we need good science graduates and so it is important to ensure that a high proportion of Barnet's pupils are not now put off Science at school as seems to be incresingly happening around the country.

Crime and Housing Scrutiny Committee- This committee reviews crime and housing issues of which the first meeting will be this week.

All meeting agendas and minutes can be found on the Barnet website at

The second role of my work as a Councillor is to try and resolve issues that the residents of Edgware raise with me. I have had quite a few issues raised with me so far, which is helping me further to understand the issues in Edgware. I hope I have helped to solve some problems and if not at least explained why some things occur and can not be changed.

If there is anything I can help with or if you would like me to raise an issue at one of the committees please feel free to contact me at or call me on 020 8958 0640.


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