Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Edgwarebury Park

There was recently a letter in the Edgware Times regarding Edgwarebury Park. As I have said before I believe we in Edgware are very lucky to have this jewel of a park and I want it to be as good as possible. Therefore I was upset that a resident felt there were some problems and so I investigated the queries which I have answered here.

Why was the old play unit replaced - The old wooden Kompan Toddler Mini Play Unit was replaced because it had come to the end of its useful working life. The wooden play unit was installed in 1993 and has an average lifespan of 15 year, it was therefore replace with a roundabout that is accessible for disabled children. The reason that it was not a like for like replacement is because a 'Nursery Rhymes' toddler unit was installed in 2005 for the same age range as the older wooden mini play unit.

Why was the playground closed - Although the work was being carried out the playground was not locked and users were not stopped from entering the playground, only the area of the playground where the new unit was being installed. However, one of the gates is faulty - which will shortly be replaced - and so may have given the impression that it was locked, for which I apologise. It is preferable to avoid carrying out work during the school holidays, but this is sometimes difficult to ensure due to contractors schedules and the need to carry out the work in fine weather so as to lay the safety surfacing.

Problems with the soft flooring - On the issue of the soft safety flooring, due to the drought, areas of tarmac and the wet pour which forms the safety surface within the playground have moved, dropped and cracked. To completely remedy the situation this would require removed all the toys and the playground surface being constructed. Repairs will soon be carried out to remedy the situation and to power wash the surface. The playground will also shortly be getting a new mono-hinge and anti-bully gates


Mr Pink said...

As an Edgware resident I am particularly concerned about night usage of the Parks.

If you walk down the A41 between Kenilworth Road and Mount Grove you will see where people have kicked in the fences to Stoneyfields park in order to gain access.

Last week my young daughter picked up a syringe and needle next to one of these sections. Thankfully, no damage was done.

The council seriously need to secure this section with proper metal fencing in front of the wooden fencing as they have in other park areas.

I am not at all comfortable that Stoneyfield park is being used in this way at night.

broadfields_assn said...

Mr Pink is correct. This needs action.