Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Labour Oppose improvements at Edgware Libarary

I apologise for not writing an article recently, but I just haven't had time.

However, the debate and vote last night at the council meeting has really spurred me into action.

A motion was put forward and won by the Conservative Group to re-invigorate libraries as centres for community life, which will see:

- Edgware Library refurbished, with improvements to its facilities, including the provision of public toilets, disabled access, new RFID technology to allow self-service and new IT facilities.
- Savings being made to allow for Edgware Library to open on Sundays.
- Burnt Oak Library upgraded to become a major hub for local residents.

However, for some reason the Labour Group condemned this new innovative library strategy and then did not vote for the important improvements to Edgware and Burnt Oak libraries. However, before deciding to abstain in the formal vote, they had initially voted against the proposals, before realising that they would be criticised.

However, they should not only be criticised for not supporting these proposals, but I can see that the local Labour Party can be seen to be just as chicken as Gordon Brown who also a chicken and was too scared to call an election.

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