Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Would you want the BNP in your house?

This week the BNP have been making the news both nationally and locally here in Edgware.

At the national level there has been much debate about whether Nick Griffin the BNP leader and David Irving should have been invited to speak at the Oxford Union. Those who said they should have been invited, claim that denying them a chance to speak at the Oxford Union is denying them free speech.

This argument though misunderstands what free speech is. Here in the United Kingdom we believe and allow everyone to express their views no matter what it is as long as it does not encourage harm to others. We therefore often have to hear in the media the awful things that Nick Griffin and David Irving come out with. We also allow the BNP to stand in elections. This is freedom of speech.

However, to invite these two disgusting men to the Oxford Union, one of the most prestigious private clubs in this country for debate, does not allow them freedom of speech, because they already have that. What it does is give a platform for racist views to be expressed and so accepted and valued while also upsetting millions of people including many members of the Oxford Union who saw their institution accepting racist white supremacist views.

At a local level I will also be out campaigning in a local Council election in Stanmore, next door to my ward of Edgware, where the BNP have decided to stand a candidate. While, we allow the BNP have every right to stand for election, I hope I can encourage the people of Stanmore to turn out on mass to vote for democratic parties (I hope the Conservative Party). This will then show how the local residents dont want anything to do with the BNP in North West London.

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