Sunday, June 29, 2008

Salute to Israel

Today I am attending the Salute to Israel Parade in London, to celebrate Israel's 60th anniversary. In just 60 years Israel has developed into a great country and we have much to be proud and celebrate about it.
Israel is a country that has been under constant threat, but today is a today to celebrate it's many achievements. Whether it is in the field of entertainment, science, IT, culture or sport. Israel has been able to punch above it's weight. All while this for hoping for peace. Hopefully in the future we can enjoy many more achievements, while it's neighbours all finally accept that the Jewish people have a right to live in peace and safety in the Land of Israel.
I look forward to letting you know what I thought of the day.

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Steve Nimmons said...

I hope you enjoyed the event. I shared a few thoughts on my blog and also added the pictures I took to my Flickr account

Look forward to reading your thoughts and comments.

Best wishes,