Monday, August 04, 2008

New CCTV Camera for Glengall Road

I am pleased that this Friday, Barnet Council's Resources Committee will be considering a paper which proposes the installation of a new CCTV camera on Glengall Road, this financial year.

Glengall Road is an area for Edgware which suffers from anti-social behaviour, with a number of teenagers hanging about and annoying the local residents and businesses with loutish behaviour and sometimes more serious criminal incidents.

As one of the local councillors this is an area I have been working very closely with the local police safer neighbourhood team to improve. I believe this CCTV camera will help to reduce the amount of anti-social behaviour and criminal activity in this area. Therefore, making the Glengall Road neighbourhood a nicer place to live.

I am therefore urging the members of the committee to support this proposal.

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