Thursday, December 31, 2009

My predictions for 2010

January - After the failure of Iran to negotiate with the International Community, weak sanctions are applied against it by the UN aiming to prevent it continuing nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile Hamas replies to the Israeli position in regard to its continued holding of Gilad Shalit in captivity, sadly saying he will not be released unless Israel released 1500 prisoners to the West Bank and Gaza. Israel's Government (despit the huge public wish for him to be released) correctly reject this offer, saying they can not allow terrorists to have a change to continue to threaten the people of Israel.

February - I will become a father.

After the failed Christmas bid to blow up an airplane, the US bomb Yemen.
Gordon Brown says he is tackling the terrorism threat in the UK, but meanwhile 1000s of terrorists are preparing in Britain for an attack somewhere in Europe.

March - In their Budget Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown declare that they have saved the UK economy, as the UK achieves growth of 0.3%, meanwhile inflation in the UK starts to rocket.

April - Anti-Government protests in Iran continue to increase, while the Iranian Government announces it is only a year away from having a nuclear bomb. However, the UN fail to agree stonger sanctions agains Iran.

May - The General Election is held in the UK, and the Conservative Party wins a majority of between 30 to 60 seats.

The Palestinian leadership continue to refuse to negotiate with Israel, while the European Union calls on the world to accept a Palestinian State.

Gordon Brown says he wants to carry on with being Labour leader.

June - World Cup fever hits the world and England get knocked out in the quarter finals, with Germany become world champions again.

July - Alex Ferguson says he wants to be the new England manager.

August - Israel bombs Iran.

September - A revolution in Iran overthrows the Government and Ayatollah and the new leadership announce the end of its nuclear programme.

October - Jose Murino becomes the new England manager.

November - Oil prices surge as the world goes back into recession.

December - Huge snow storms around the world, as the EU continues to claim important measures are needed to tackle climate change.

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Jo said...

The one I think that is %100 likely to happen is the world going back in a recession. History repeats itself...
Nice blog man, really insightful!