Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Who should be the next leader in Barnet?

Tomorrow night my former colleagues in Barnet will be deciding who will be the next leader of the Council.

I do not know if my views today have any influence, especially as I am now living here happily in Israel, but I thought I would give my views anyway. I can also confirm that I have not been asked by either candidate or their supporters to support them.

Just over three years ago I was pleased to support Mike Freer as leader of the Conservative Council, and I am glad that I did, because I believe he was an excellent leader that made Barnet a better place for its residents to live. He also came up with very important policies such as 'Future Shape' that I believe will be vital in improving public services. Barnet's loss will hopefully be Britain's gain.

The two leadership candidates will also both make very good leaders, and as we know it will be a woman, something Conservative's should be proud of, hopefully she will be as successful as Margaret Thatcher.

Though in an election you always have to choose, and my choice would be Fiona Bulmer. I believe she has been an excellent Cabinet Member in helping to ensure Barnet has some of the best schools in Britain. I also believe she led her portfolio and was able to understand and explain the issues, while also being transparent and able to lead officers.

I also believe she would be a leader that would help to ensure Conservative policies and ensure Conservatives get elected, by helping the local Consevative Parliamentary candidates, and being an excellent Conservative Council leader under a Conservative Cameron led Government.

I therefore urge my former colleagues to support Fiona Bulmer tomorrow.


Rog T said...


Are you seriously comparing Lynne Hillan to Lady Thatcher?

The sun must be very hot out there today !!!!

Rog T said...

Come on Richard, we need a nice blog from you telling us how lucky we are to be blessed with Lynne Hillan now she's actually won.

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