Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Egypt - What do we want for it's future?

It has been reported in the Israeli press this morning that British Foreign Secretary William Hague has warned Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to tone down his language about his worries about the current protests in Egypt.
William Hague is right to be concerned about trying to ensure stability in the Middle East and for peace to continue or be achieved between Israel and it's Arab neighbours.  I do feel though that Hague has been again leant on by his Foreign Office advisers and not fully understood the concerns that Israel has as we watch the continued protests in Egypt.

As the only fully democratic country in the Middle East we in Israel should of course want to see greater democracy in our neighbouring countries, so that the will of the people can be fully achieved.  However, sadly in Arab countries this does not often seem to be the case.  Just as David Cameron warned that Britain should not give into radical Islam which has been on the rise, we in Israel are concerned about radical Islam next door to us on our borders.

That is why Israelis and our Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are concerned about seeing the current regime in Egypt be overthrown.  This is because for the past 30 years Egypt has been one of the few countries that has been at peace with us.  We therefore want to see fair elections occur in Egypt but we do not want a revolution with the Muslim Brotherhood taking over like in Iran 30 years ago where following the revolution led to a radical Islamic Government that now wants to destroy Israel.

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