Monday, February 21, 2011

Why is America a better friend of Israel than Britain?

Last Friday saw the UN Security Council vote on a Palestinian proposal to call for Israel to stop building in towns in it's West Bank communities and to criticise Israel for its actions.  While in the past I have been very critical in the past of Obama's leadership in terms of the Israel-Palestinian peace-process, I was pleasantly surprised that the USA correctly to choose it's veto and was the only country of the 15 members of the Security Council to vote against this proposal.

The USA correctly understood that as a friend of Israel that wants to achieve peace it can not put all blame for the lack of a peace agreement on one party, while letting the Palestinian's to continue to get away with refusing to accept as a Jewish State that has a right to exist.  The only way to get any peace agreement is to work with the Governments and people of both Israel and the Palestinian Authority in order to achieve a negotiated peace.

And yet Britain, which continues to claim to be a friend of Israel, voted to support this Palestinian people.  This not only could put any peace agreement at risk but showed how little Britain and the world cares about Israel.  This is because at a time when the Arab world is in turmoil, the world and Britain continues to criticise Israel a democratic country trying to live in peace, while the UN ignores the Governments of Libya and Bahrain massacring its own people.  

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