Monday, May 30, 2011

Obama finally wrecks the peace process

When President Obama stood started making his speech on the Middle East just over a week ago I am sure he believed that he was helping to advance the chances of peace between Israel and the Jewish world.  Indeed Herb Keinon in the Jerusalem Post this weekend wrote an excellent piece what President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu were trying to achieve in their respective speeches in America this past week.

President Obama, who has already achieve the Nobel Peace Prize, was undoubtedly trying to move the peace-process forward, sadly he just doesn't get the situation.

As has been seen rather than moving the peace process forward, President Obama's speech seems to have ended once and for all any chance of an agreed peace negotiation between Israel and the Palestinians.  Despite Prime Minister Netanyahu saying he wants to make peace, there is no chance of a peace agreement with a Palestinian Government that includes Hamas and does not recognise Israel as the Jewish State.

While, this weekend the Arab League have confirmed that they will request the UN recognise a Palestinian State in September.

So in September it is looking increasingly likely that the world will vote for a new Palestinian State.  Hopefully,    if this occurs, there will then be a chance to negotiate a peace agreement between two states with mutually agreed borders.

However, sadly we all know that in 1947, the last time the UN voted to establish a Palestinian State alongside the future Israel, the Arab nations decided the Palestinian State was not enough for them and decided to attack Israel, sadly I fear the same could happen again.

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