Friday, May 20, 2011

President Obama is wrong about Israel - we need a new solution

Two year's after President Obama's last big speech on the Middle East we again heard from the President of the USA about his vision for the  region.  During the speech while calling for the Palestinian's to recognise Israel - something Hamas still refuse to do - President Obama again said that Israel should give up all of the territories it occupied during the 6-day war of 1967.

I could understand President Obama having this idea, two years ago, when he believed he would be able to achieve a peace-treaty between Israel and the Palestinians.  However, we are now two years on from this, during which time the Palestinian Leadership have refused accept Israel as a Jewish State and to even negotiate a peace deal with Israel.  The Palestinians have also now formed a Government including Hamas the rulers of Gaza who continue to attack Israel with bombs and missiles, while they continue to call for the destruction of Israel.  There therefore appears to be no hope of the Palestinian's agreeing to peace with Israel in the near future.

I was therefore hoping for the President to set out a new sensible solution for how Israel and the Arab world can live in peace side-by-side.  This week where we saw Arab citizens from Syria, Lebanon and Gaza try to invade Israel to protest against the establishment and existence of Israel, it is clear that the Arab world is not interested in Israel just leaving the occupied territories we gained in the past battles but in destroying Israel completely.  Therefore solutions need to be found so that Israel and the Arab world can live in peace side-by-side.

Following President Obama's speech yesterday, it is important that in the next few days Prime Minister Netanyahu in his meeting today with the President and his speeches next week in America, sets out a new agenda for how Israel will continue to be a peaceful and strong country here in the Middle East.

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