Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Scotland copies Barnet

Last night I attended a very interesting training session on the Looked After Children (children in care) services in Barnet.

We were told about the council's innovative Education Champions scheme, which the Scottish Executive have advised their local authorities to copy.

All of the senior staff in the Council are given a looked after child in order to monitor their educational achievements and ensure they are helped to achieve the best results that they are possible of achieving. The senior staff act as educational champions by encouraging all the staff that work with the child to work harder to encourage the child to succeed and ensure they get all the support they require.

This is helping the children most in need, while also benefiting the experience of council staff and at no extra cost to the taxpayer. It also ensures that looked after children in Barnet have been achieving better educational standards than children elsewhere in the country.

I think this is a really positive scheme and something that should be encouraged across the country.

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