Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why I am against ID cards

I am against the plan for ID cards which could cost the government as much as £20 billion. However, not only will the whole system be hugely expensive but it will also require

everyone in Britain to go to a regional centre to be fingerprinted and interviewed to prove who they are.
everyone in Britain to pay at least £93 for a combined ID card and passport package.
You will have to pay at least a further £30 if the card is lost or stolen, or if you get married and change your name.

No longer will people be free to be citizens of this country.

They will do nothing to improve our safety. They are not the answer to the threat of terrorism, to benefit fraud, illegal immigration, human trafficking or to identity theft. They are a waste of money, and so I am pleased a Conservative Government will abolish them.

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